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We’re a fully distributed company where everyone works from anywhere in the world. What does that mean? It means that if you have access to the Internet, your commute is complete and you’re ready to go. And we’re looking for designers working anywhere in the world to join our mission to make the Web a better place. 

For a fully distributed company to work, everybody needs to be on the same page. Automattic believes transparency is a key part of that, and that means making conversations, documents, meetings, and leadership training sessions open to the entire company. Furthermore, as Mullenweg wrote in a 2012 blog post, you “have to be really committed to keep the creative center and soul of the organization on the internet, and not in an office.”

Employees are drawn to Automattic because of the company’s flexibility, but that can also make it tough to maintain a work-life balance, something employees have to figure out for themselves. For example, Hagan, a night owl who says she works best from 9pm to 2am, will offset a particularly long workday with a shorter one. Ultimately, Automattic’s not the kind of company that feels the need to peer over employees’ shoulders. It’s less focused on setting rules as much as expectations that employees will get their work done.

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