We believe that quantitative data and qualitative data are important partners throughout the modern design process. Designers at Automattic work in partnership with our research and data science colleagues to garner insights that go into all of our marketing and product design work. We’re also required to work alongside our CEO for one week per year as happiness engineers (our special brand of customer care) — which is an invaluable learning experience that is core to our culture.

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My biggest take away was witnessing someone that hadn’t fully crossed the digital divide and how that affects his business. It’s so clear to me why a mobile-first, or even mobile-only, policy is so important when I see people like Mohamed turning to their phones over desktop computers to connect with the world around them.

~Automattic Designer Filippo Di Trapani on crossing the digital divide

While designing for such a large audience can feel daunting at times, I’ve found there are things we can do to better understand people’s struggles and constraints – so that we can make good design decisions and produce positive outcomes.

~Automattic Designer Thomas Bishop on designing and analyzing data at scale

There’s something about meeting with customers in real life that is incredibility enlightening. We learned in twenty minute what we’d never learn sitting in our desks at home with our heads down in the code.

~Automattic Designer Kelly Hoffman on 20 minutes with your customers

Fitting in getting feedback each day is hard to do. It’s easy to start work and dive right into the fires burning. Taking time out of constantly responding to direct interactions seems a huge ask. Yet, it’s important as a practice and every time I do it the benefits are great.

~Automattic Designer Tammie Lister on establishing a feedback ritual

When starting a new test we’re now able to mobilize pretty quickly, building off our past efforts. A big part of the efficiency is creating the test script with the template we’ve put together.

~Automattic Designer Mike Shelton on an open source testing script

Our research and data practices as embedded in design are currently growing — and we’re looking for professional expertise we can get on our team.

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