It’s a fulfilling way of life.

The first line of our company creed is, “I will never stop learning,” and we’re constantly devising new ways to make remote work better than working any ways else. As a company of 700+ people across 63 countries working all remotely, we hear a common concern: “Is remote work isolating?” Nope.

At Automattic, I collaborate with other team members frequently throughout the day. Some remote collaboration is exactly the same as ways I collaborated with teammates when I worked in an office. Other remote collaboration is much better than in-office collaboration.
~Automattic Designer Courtney Burton on transitioning to remote work

The Remote Hiring Process

Never worked remotely before? Automattic’s hiring process will give you an early look at what it’s like to work with a remote team. Most of our hiring process is conducted via Slack and our internal blogging system (p2) — the same primary tools you would use when working here full time.

After coming out on the other side of the design trial process, I found it to be a great opportunity to not only get a feel for what it would be like to work with an entirely remote team, but to also understand how people worked together, how they communicated and how true the company’s values really were. So in the end, my feelings towards design challenges have changed. I now believe that when done right, design challenges can be just as valuable and insightful for the interviewing candidate as they are for the interviewing company.

~Automattic Designer Megs Fulton on her Automattic trial experience

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Rebrand Cities Collaboration

Being remote doesn’t mean being away from the people who we want to serve. For example, we’re partnering with CEO Hajj Flemings of Rebrand Cities to bring small businesses across the US online one-at-a-time, and starting in Detroit. Through our work on-the-ground with the Rebrand Cities team, we’ve been able to locally collaborate and work remotely in a hybrid model.

There’s a lack of digital strategy and online presence for businesses in Detroit neighborhoods. Our research shows 46% of the small businesses in America operate without a website, which confirms this is a national problem. We believe we can drive economic impact in urban cities.

~CEO Hajj Flemings of Rebrand Cities

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